Three Reasons to Use Stone Edging in Arlington, TX

Three Reasons to Use Stone Edging in Arlington, TX


 Edging helps create visual boundaries and keeps different parts of a garden well separated. This is crucial if you want to prevent plants from taking over other beds. But the type of edging you choose is important as well. Stone edging, in particular, offers three benefits that other types generally can't match.


 Stone Edging in Arlington, TX (not concrete that's poured into stone shapes) is extremely weather-resistant. You don't have to worry about rot, mildew, or pest infestations. You do have to be sure that leaf debris or mulch at the base of the edging is cleaned up; those materials can attract bugs. If you use concrete that's been poured into stone-shaped molds, you can still get most of these benefits, though the concrete will need to have a sealant coat added to prevent the material from absorbing moisture.


  If you have relatively flat stones or stones that interlock well, you can use them as a mini-retaining wall. Edging generally isn't used to hold back soil, but sometimes you can place the stones so that they not only create a border, but they also allow you to fill the garden bed with a little more soil for your plants. In addition to that, stones that are large enough or flat enough on top, or that have a poured concrete ledge, provide not only soil retention but seating as well. Stone Edging in Arlington, TX can be heavy, but the parts are usually small enough so that a reasonable strong person can move the edging around. If you want to redo your garden beds, for example, or redesign your whole yard, you can have the stone edging taken apart and reinstalled fairly easily as long as the stones weren't cemented to each other. 

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