Outdoor fireplaces provide you with the opportunity to spend your time in your patio grilling your favorite dish. Even in cold weather. It is an excellent place where you can hang out with your family and friends watching the flickering flames. Of course, the design of your outdoor fireplace will greatly influence your satisfaction and the time you spend around it.

The starting point of a good design is a study of the main house and its surrounding structures. The size of the house and the yard are major considerations. You do not want a fireplace that is almost as big as your house, or one that occupies over half the space in your yard. Also, the architectural design of the house and the materials it is made of influence that of the fireplace. If it is highlighted with green slate, for instance, then choose a fireplace design that will allow the use of the same type of stone.

Fire Pits

The popularity of fire pits and the fire effects they produce in the garden is one of fastest growing trends in outdoor design. The allure of sitting around a fire ring has been around since the beginning of mankind. Fire provides warmth, light, a cooking source and, of course relaxation. A dancing flame has a mesmerizing affect that encourages you to unwind and settle in. The popularity of fire pits, or conversation pits as they are commonly called, has grown rapidly in recent years. Proper design and construction will ensure a safe and enjoyable feature that will last several decades.

Create a cozy space for outdoor entertaining with a stone fire pit.


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