Great Pergola in Arlington, TX


Great Pergola in Arlington, TX


What on earth is a pergola, and how is it an asset to outdoor living? Fair question, so lets get started. A pergola is a structure which is comprised of a series of columns that support an upper roofing grid, or rafters. This grid can be left alone, or if the homeowner elects to do so, covered to shelter people from the rain. There are no walls, and with the addition of a variety of flora, such as climbing hydrangeas or Virginia creepers, can become relaxing places to unwind at the end of the day.


One outstanding benefit of erecting a Pergola in Arlington, TX, is how they help you in the redefinition of your outdoor space. Pergolas work to not only provide you with shade, but contribute to an extension of your living space. In fact, many people opt to populate the interior of their pergola with a variety of sturdy, outdoor furnishings. Many homeowners enjoy sleeping outdoors in their pergolas during the summer months, as they can lie back and view the night sky. Incase you are so inclined, you can purchase a cover which will protect you and yours from the elements.


A major benefit of pergolas, is that they are an affordable way to define your outdoor space, as well as durable and low maintenance structures. Pergolas can be constructed from cedar, vinyl, fiberglass or pressure-treated wood. This makes them an affordable option when increasing your outdoor living space. Pergolas enhance the appearance and function of your backyard deck or patio, giving it touch of elegance and refinement. A Pergola in Arlington, TX will actually increase the resale value of your home. When coupled with an outdoor kitchen, the combination of these two outdoor assets will most definitely increase the chances your home will make a huge splash on the real estate market.


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