Fort Worth Landscaping Company Installs a Lawn of Zoysia Grass

Groundscape Solutions, A Fort Worth Landscaping Company, installs a Zoysia Grass Lawn. Zoysia is a soft, dense, attractive home turf grass. Zoysia is heat and drought resistant and can stand up to heavy foot traffic. Zoysias dense turf is characterized by stiff leaf blades and exhibits exceptional wear tolerance, good drought tolerance, and moderate shade tolerance. Zoysia has a low water and nutrition requirement. Once fully established it resists weeds well due to its dense growth pattern. Zoysia turns brown after the first hard frost but resumes its growth as soil tempatures return to 70 degrees. Zoysia turns dormant earlier in winter than other grasses. Give us a call at 817-759-0102 for a quote or visit our website at Groundscape Solutions is a fully insured landscaping company and will provide refrences.

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