Building Retaining Walls in Keller, TX The Right Way

Building Retaining Walls in Keller, TX The Right Way


 Building Retaining Walls in Keller, TX can hold soil behind them and are constructed normally with concrete blocks, rocks, boulders or bricks. Treated timber has been used for the same purpose but wood has a shorter lifespan ad is not normally recommended. Your landscape engineer will recommend different types of material after you have given him the idea you have for your new wall. He will complete your work in three stages. The first stage is the panning stage. He will need to get the Lot Lines from your local City Hall and this is where he'll get templates of the property ground structure.


They will also give information about flood planes and earthquake areas and those kind of natural occurring hazards. He will then call the utilities to mark any underground wiring or cables. Building permits may be required work submitted for approval to local building authorities. Soils will have to be checked at a depth of 12 inches to see if it sandy or a clay soil. Clay soil adds pressure while sandy soil is ideal. It may be necessary to replace the soil with a good base. He will determine all these things in the planning stage. He will also be able to give you a firm estimate of cost at this stage. If a gravity wall is chosen, it might be less expensive than a reinforced retaining wall. A gravity wall relies on its own weight if soil conditions and slopes allow it to be used, while Building Retaining Walls in Keller, TX uses layers to combine soil and block and these choices have to be made by the landscape engineer.


 After the planning and design stage are completed comes the building stage. In this stage will come the excavation, then a drain pipe is laid at the bottom of the planned structure. Next comes six inches of wall rock which is then compacted with a pate compacter. This gives a foundation to the wall and depending on your choices with your contractor, the wall can be built with concrete blocks dry stacked and interlocked with pins or stacked rock or even boulders. At the end of Building Retaining Walls in Keller, TX, you will have a beautiful retaining wall that will improve your property and add value to your lot. 

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